Nearing the End

I’m afraid to look back to see when I last posted an update on here. It’s been forever, I’m sure! I’ve posted some about this pregnancy on my other blog (taking a risk sharing that link), I’d like for those Rainbow Baby posts to be visible by you lovely ladies that have read this very personal blog and have supported me through this journey.

Here’s the Update:

I’ll be 36 weeks on Monday (today is Saturday). Things seem to be going well. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to go wrong, to find out something isn’t right, etc., etc. The constant worry! But, she’s active, her heartbeat has been healthy, in fact, her fetal echocardiogram came up great, so all complex heart defects were ruled out. Whew!

I’m still hoping to try for a VBAC, my OB has not brought up scheduling a csection – yet. He may bring it up when I go this week, but I’ll see about scheduling for after 40 weeks, closer to the 42 week range. 😉 He’s been answering my questions about VBAC and has not once tried to give me the scare tactic. I’m so relieved that he’s supportive. In the end though, if I walk out of that hospital with a breathing baby 48-72 hours after birth, I’ll be a happy mama. Mode of delivery really is not the important part.

I do think she’s dropped. She’s always been kind of low, I mean, my first flutters were at the public line. Now though, holy cow! I feel her head like, right there, you know where I mean! I literally feel like I could reach up and feel her head. She is SO low! Where her feet were hanging out before – just below my breasts – it is now much lower, closer to rib area. She is head down, I know that. Fingers crossed she’s also face down. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor who’s certified in the Webster Technique, so that should be helping with making sure my hips and pelvis are properly aligned to prevent another face up baby.

I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks since about 15 weeks, they really picked up in the 3rd trimester though. They got to a point where my OB did give me a low dose prescription since when I get them they linger for a looonnggg time. I haven’t taken it though. At this point, since I’m almost 36 weeks, I’m okay with the idea that they may provide some progress. Last my OB checked, my cervix was closed, it’s most likely still closed, but I’ll find out more this week with my internal. Ugh! I hate internals! I considered refusing them this time around, but I’m just going to trust in my OB.

Let’s see, what else? Baby’s room? Not even close to ready. We have a crib, changing table, and rocking chair. But no dresser, hamper, room decor, etc. I need to pull out Kal’s infant clothes and wash them so we can use them for this baby girl. Thankfully most of his infant clothes are gender neutral, purposely planned on my part in case we ever had a girl! I also need to pull diapers out and wash those. Our cloth diapers start at 8lbs so there’s really not a huge rush on those and since they are clean and just need a quick wash through from being in storage, it won’t take long and could conceivably wait until after she’s grown out of newborn diapers. Which, we don’t have any NB diapers yet. We have a friend that is lending us their NB diapers and I think my aunt was going to buy us some. We didn’t start cloth diapers with Kal until he was about 3 months old, so we don’t have NB cloth diapers.

Anywho, I think that’s about it. We still have so much to get done before this baby arrives. I also have taken on more than I should have in the work area. Between blogging responsibilities for my other blog, my direct sales business, private practice counseling on Fridays and regular out of home work the rest of the week, oh, and my 3 year old (!), I’m spent by the time I have time to get anything done. I have SO much to get done blogging-wise, it’s ridiculous. But, I’ll have a break here soon from all of it.

I can’t wait until I have this little girl in my arms, hold her, snuggle her, and know that she’s here and healthy.


WE Are Still Here {Rainbow Pregnancy Update}

I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted an update on Rainbow and this pregnancy. Over 6 weeks actually! I don’t mean to neglect this little space of mine, time has gotten away from me and I’ll mean to write and then I forget or just fall asleep.

So, I’m 17 weeks, 5 days and feeling okay. Nausea has gotten a lot better. I still struggle many mornings but overall it’s pretty good as long as I eat! Which I think is why mornings are still rough, I haven’t eaten in 8+ hours and my body is yelling at me. I haven’t gained any weight yet, but I didn’t gain much with Kal either though it’s definitely more so this time around but the morning sickness lasted longer this time. Continue reading

11 Weeks 3 Days

I’m very sorry that I have not given an update in so long! I had fully intended on writing an update after my ultrasound last month but time has gotten away from me. My ultrasound went well, obviously, or I would have probably already posted the “not again, God hates me” post. They discovered that baby is 5 days further along than I had calculated, pushing my due date to May 11 instead of May 16. We got some nice ultrasound pictures which are now hanging on our fridge.

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A Sigh of Relief

If you read my freaking out post this morning, (which I typed from my phone while hiding in the bathroom by the way) you’ll know that this morning, I was seriously freaking out! I was a total wreck today. Kissing Kal goodbye this morning, it was all I could do to not break down crying. My pregnancy symptoms had disappeared on me and I was losing it. I went to see my first client of the morning and as they sang “Our God is an Awesome God” in music class I seriously almost started crying. I packed up my stuff and walked out the door. Of course the teacher was standing right there so I had a small chat and booked it out of there.

I called my OB as soon as they opened (which was as soon as I walked out of that school!) and they sent me for blood work right away. The nurse was so nice about the whole thing and said she’d put a rush on it so I’d have the results today by 1pm. By 10am, blood was drawn and I had a 3 hour wait ahead of me. Continue reading